Video Surveillance—CCTV

Technological advances in the security industry have never been more prevalent than in today’s CCTV industry. IP cameras and digital recorders only represent the beginning of a list of enhanced products that include video analytics, facial and license plate recognition, network video recording, and others. These features have been developed to help us manage huge amounts of video information by identify conditions that would be considered suspect or an alarm condition. It serves to turn a CCTV system from an event detection system to an event prevention system by warning us of loitering or pedestrian traffic through video detection zones. Video can be stored in a DVR, on a hard drive thousands of miles from the camera, or emailed automatically to a security director or CEO. Combined with an access control system , CCTV can be an even more power tool. That impressive array of features is even available in smaller camera systems including the option to remotely call-up your cameras on a standard internet browser.

Integrated Access Systems understands these technologies and how to apply them. Coupling the right video technology with the right environment is a must for proper and dependable video surveillance. The company’s technical staff has the product knowledge and experience to provide a CCTV system that offers valuable and usable information. The access control products offer by IAS work in harmony with video systems to provide a seamless single screen application that enhances the ease of use and functionality of both systems.

The feature sets available to the company’s CCTV users have never been richer or more robust that with the products it currently offers. Let an Integrated Access Systems representative share how you might take advantage of those products in your facility.